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Bulk Mobile List File Format

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To upload a bulk list of numbers to DigitalSMS requires the file to be in CSV (comma delimited) format.

Creating the file can be done with most spreadsheet programs or in a text editor.

The format of the file consists of 3 columns which contain the following information:

The first column is for the mobile number and is not optional.
The second column is for the first name of the recipient and is optional.
The third column is for the surname of the recipient and is optional.

Below are two examples of a list of 6 recipients. One example uses Microsoft Excel and the other uses Notepad.

Microsoft Excel


Once you have prepared the file you need to save it to your hard drive before you upload it.

If you use Microsoft Excel you click File then Save As. A new window appears where you can select the destination and choose an appropriate file name. The most important step is to change the files type to CSV (comma delimited).

An example of the Save As dialog box is shown below.

If you choose to setup your list from a text editor such as notepad you can save your file by clicking on File then on Save As.

It is important to remember to change the file extension to .csv
An example Save As dialog window is shown below


If you have any problems with the file setup do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.


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